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Technoetic Arts | Subscriptions and Individual Copies

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Published onDec 10, 2023
Technoetic Arts | Subscriptions and Individual Copies

Technoetic Arts is a well-established peer-reviewed academic journal founded by Roy Ascott in 2003 and published by Intellect in Bristol, UK. Exploring the juncture of art practice, technology and the human mind, drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches, Technoetic Arts opens up a forum for trans-disciplinary speculative research.

Technoetic Arts is published with Intellect, a fiercely independent academic publisher for scholars and practitioners teaching and researching in the arts, media and creative industries. Best known for their work in the visual and performing arts, Intellect provides publishing services in many subject areas, backed by over 30 years of growth, and a reputation for excellence in design and production.   

The journal is indexed by Scopus, the Web of Science’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and various other databases. Technoetic Arts is included in EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete and Art and Architecture Complete collections. Researchers affiliated with universities will typically have access to all article PDFs via their library’s EBSCO subscription.

While the articles of Technoetic Arts are generally available via academic libraries, personal and institutional subscriptions support the work of the publisher and the editorial team.

Personal online subscription

United Kingdom and Europe

1 year subscription


Canada, USA and rest of Americas

1 year subscription


Rest of the World

1 year subscription


You may subscribe to the journal on the Intellect Discover website:

While print subscriptions were temporarily suspended for 2023 as the publisher dealt with the aftermath of the journals’ distributor, Turpin, going into administration, we are happy to report that print subscriptions are available again for institutions and, possibly, if you insist, for individuals.

Please contact [email protected] for single print copies and print subscriptions.

For institutional subscriptions, please see and contact [email protected].

||| Founding Editor: Roy Ascott Editorial Organism: Tom Ascott, John Bardakos, Dalila Honorato, Hu Yong, Claudia Jacques, Claudia Westermann Production Manager: Oliver Rendle

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