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Intellect Submission System

How To for Guest Editors, Reviewers and Contributors

Published onJun 10, 2022
Intellect Submission System

In order to contribute to Technoetic Arts Journal in any capacity you will need to register with Intellect's Submission System through Callisto/Newgen interface.


Check below the submission system for Guest Editors , Reviewers and Contributors:

Guest Editors

Guest Editors are added to the system by the Editorial Organism and are granted permissions to oversee the whole submission process for their edited issue which involves:

  • Getting alerted when a contributor submits to the issue.

  • Managing the contributed articles.

  • Having the ability to invite a reviewer to review specific articles.

  • Getting alerted when a reviewer submits a review.

  • Accessing the reviews.

  • Submitting the reviews to the contributors.

  • Accepting or denying a contribution.

  • Thanking reviewers and contributors.

Editor After Submission
Editor After Review


Generated by the system, Editors initiate an email invitation to Reviewers to review the work. The name of the article as well as logistics such as links to the system to accept or decline the invitation are shared in the email.

Once a reviewer creates an account and accepts the task, they can download the anonymized contribution, access TA reviewing guidelines, complete the acceptance form and submit their recommendation.



Contributors are invited to submit their works independent of editors invitations. Please read Guidelines for Authors.


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