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Guidelines for Reviewers

Technoetic Arts Journal: useful information to reviewers

Published onApr 02, 2022
Guidelines for Reviewers

Drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches, Technoetic Arts is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the juncture of art practice, technology and the human mind, opening up a forum for trans-disciplinary speculative research.

Peer review in all its forms plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. The process depends to a large extent on trust and requires that all involved behave responsibly and ethically.

We are thankful for all reviewers who engage in providing constructive feedback to the authors. Even if the article is rejected, the reviewers’ comments may result in greatly improved resubmissions, or new submissions, to this journal or other journals at a later date. The peer-review system is critical to the quality of academic journals.

The Technoetic Arts Editorial Organism supports the proper recognition of all our reviewers. Reviewers receive a ‘thank you for your review’ email from the system that they can forward to the Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service (formerly or similar services.

If you would like to help select which articles are chosen for publication in Technoetic Arts Journal by participating as a peer reviewer, pleasev register with Technoetic Arts submission system.

Any queries regarding the journal should be directed to the Editorial Organism at [email protected].

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