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Guidelines for Reviewers

Technoetic Arts Journal: useful information to reviewers

Published onApr 02, 2022
Guidelines for Reviewers

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Peer review in all its forms plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. The process depends to a large extent on trust, and requires that everyone involved behaves responsibly and ethically.

When an article is sent for peer review, the reviewer may need guidance and instructions to ensure a constructive and rigorous review process. This document is only an example and editors are free to edit it as they wish.

Would you like to help select which articles are chosen for publication in Technoetic Arts Journal by participating as a peer reviewer? If so, we ask for your participation by registering with Intellect's submission system.

Please note that guest editors, reviewers and contributors are required to use Intellect's submission system.

Any queries regarding the journal should be directed to the Editorial Organism at [email protected].

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