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Guidelines for Editors

Technoetic Arts Journal: useful information to guest-editors

Published onApr 02, 2022
Guidelines for Editors

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While the Editorial Organism (EO)of Technoetic Arts will usually invite its guest editor(s), we welcome proposals for a special issue on a particular topic.

Any queries can be directed to the Editorial Organism (EO) at The EO will review all proposals and communicate their decision as to whether to accept the proposal in a timely manner.

The documentation included below aims to provide an overview and support the guest editors through the process of production following the proposal’s acceptance.

Intellect have highlighted the importance of counting the images into the word count. A full-page image is equivalent to 400 words.

Editorials now also require an abstract and keywords. Intellect have highlighted that it would be extremely useful to give the Editorial a title besides just calling it Editorial. The Editorials will be open-access and a title will serve to identify an Editorial with a particular issue.

Technoetic Arts currently does not have a review section.


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