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19.1-2 | Global Conversation | Ana Paula Baltazar

Rethinking cybernetics with a transfunctional approach to structure and organization

Published onApr 10, 2023
19.1-2 | Global Conversation | Ana Paula Baltazar

I draw from my practical work – the design of interfaces with which people can keep on designing (changing the very structures or not) and always inventing unpredictable organizations. Such interfaces are looked at as closed or open. (Baltazar, 2021)

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Rethinking cybernetics with a transfunctional approach to structure and organization


This article develops further a proposal for conversation at the ASC 2020 Global Conversation event, motivated by exchange of e-mails with Ranulph Glanville in 2007. Drawing from the questions raised by Glanville and myself, this article addresses the concept of autopoiesis and the possibility of revisiting the concepts of structure and organization, which are discussed with an example of a transfunctional interface (structure) designed to invite people to configure unpredictable organizations. It examines the correspondence between structure and organization and opens new questions to rethink cybernetics in the realm of relations.

You may access the article via Intellect Discover or via your academic library’s EBSCOhost subscription.

Presentation by Ana Baltazar for ASC Global Conversation

There might be differences between the published article and the presentation, as the presentation was given before the article was submitted for peer review.

2020 08 ASC Global Conversation Ana Baltazar

ASC Global Conversation: Discussion Session 3 Cybernetics and Design

Moderated by Tim Jachna. Panelists include Matteo Tonoli, Roberto Carradore, Emidio Souza, Xin Wei Sha, Estevam Gomez and Ana Baltazar.

ASC2020-Session 3- Cybernetics and Design

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